1. In addition to its serious moments On Top Of The World is filled with laughs and romance. How important is humor and romance to telling a good story?


2. Scrooʝe is suing the US government to have his face placed on Mt. Rushmore, if you could add someone outrageous to Mt Rushmore who would it be?


3. Cratchit’s sense of humor is what makes him attractive to women, how important is having a good sense of humor in relationships?


4. How does Scrooʝe come to have his name? What does his name as well as Fan’s tell us about the history of African-Americans?


5. In Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the reader is given very little information about the educational background, hopes and dreams of Scrooge’s romantic interest, Belle, yet in On Top Of The World the reader learns a great deal about this modern Belle, what does this say to us about the changing roles of women from the Victorian Age to the Digital Age?


6. Although Belle is a gifted mathematician, her college professors often fail to appreciate this fact, what does this say about some ways in which women continue to face challenges?


7. What was the most romantic moment of the book for you? Care to share your most romantic experience?


8. The role of friendship in shaping our lives is an important theme in On Top Of The World. Compare and contrast the relationship of Scrooʝe and Marley, Scrooʝe and Cratchit, and of Belle and Camille? How does this compare to friendships that you have had in your own life? Have you always been a good friend? Do you have friends you can rely on?


9. Scrooʝe grew up poor while Belle was raised in an upper-middle class home, how does this affect their relationship? In Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man Steve Harvey says that men want to be the ‘provider’ how do you think this affects Scrooʝe’s view of his relationship with Belle? Does his view change by the end of the book?


10. One of Martin Luther King’s most famous essays is ‘The Man Who Was a Fool’ . Based on the quote from Luke 12:20 “Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee.” King says that the man is called a fool because he placed all of his focus on his material life to the detriment of his spiritual life. How does this apply to Scrooje?


11. Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll, was once quoted as saying, “I am the most miserable young man you have ever seen. I have got more money than I can ever spend. I have thousands of fans out there, and I have a lot of people who call themselves my friends, but I am miserable.” (From, Last Train to Memphis, Peter Guralnick, Back Bay books) Do you think Scrooʝe’s feelings mirror Elvis’?


12. Scrooʝe lived his life in fear of loving too much because he believed that if he did, those he loved would be taken away from him like his parents, his grandmother and his sister. How does fear of loss inhibit his relationship with Belle and others? Do we block ourselves from happiness like Scrooʝe?


13. When Scrooʝe realizes that it’s not him, but the Ghost of Christmas yet to come who is singing so beautifully he laughs at himself and says, “No wonder I sounded so good,” Have you ever been singing and wondered why you sounded so good only to realize it was the shower or the group giving you that heavenly sound?


14. In college Tiffany was convinced that broke-behind Scrooʝe was beneath her, but once he hit the top her views began to change, even though she thought his music was ridiculously offensive. What does this say to us about the relationship between net-worth and moral worth in today’s world?


15. In what ways does changing Belle and Scrooʝe to African-Americans in the modern world add interesting twists to the story?


16. When Fan is adopted Scrooʝe blames her for leaving him, is this fair?


17. Would Donald Trump be a fan of Scrooʝe’s hit song, Money Like Trump